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Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

The first step to change someone’s life is to care. That’s it. There are a million ways to show someone you care, from giving them a smile, to asking them about their day. It shows them that they are visible and appreciated. It can give them hope and strength to face the future, and inspire them toward a better life.

Another step is when you provide a need, you can make a big difference. It doesn’t matter if it’s a physical, emotional or a social need. Some people really need a sincere, authentic compliment and others need a meal or a cup of coffee. Find a way to meet someone’s need, and you may just change a life.

And the best part is, when you give, you also receive.

Volunteer hours served in 2019.


All profits towards hunger relief

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How You Can Help

Hunger Relief

We work towards the reduction of hunger and food insecurity through an array of programs that function to establish long-term independence for those we serve.


Volunteers are an critical part of our Food Pantry Programs. Their time make a difference in the lives of the neighbors struggling with hunger and they help us get food in the hands of those who need it most.


By donating you make our goals possible towards the people that need our help making us continue to serve the New Yorkers in need of food and it shows that you care for your neighbors.


Together, we can end hunger but it’s going to require an active partnership between yourself and the network of charities, food banks, governments and the private sector. We’re grateful to have you on our side.

Our Mission

Our Community Food Pantry Program work towards reducing hunger and promoting dignity, health and self sufficiency.

Food Metrics Report 2018

In New York City, the meal gap metric report helps to provide an estimation of the extent of food insecurity.

There were 1.2 million New Yorkers who were food insecure during 2016.

Food Insecurity

In the New York 2018 Food Metrics Report, Feeding America has done analyses to project national food insecurity data to the county level and identify where there is a meal gap, the meals missing from the homes of families and individuals struggling with food insecurity. 

Meal Gap

In 2016 (the latest available data), New
York City was missing 207.7 million meals.

Source: New York 2018 Food Metrics Report. Food Bank For New York City analysis.

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Help With Hunger By Donating Today!